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Haltemprice Area Walks

The table below contains information on all walks centred in the haltemprice area. Click on any walk's name or reference code to see more details on the walk, including photos and a route map.


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C12 - Brantingham Ride
Walk Name
Brantingham Ride
Ride through some hilly but pretty countryside.
Circular Walk
Walk Type
  • Mountain Biking and Horse Riding Routes
  • Wolds Walks
Ordnance Survey Explorer Map
Car Parking Facility
Brantingham village and the wide grass verge just over the A63 bridge, southwest of Brantingham
Pub in Brantingham
Public Conveniences
Hessle Square in Willerby
Distance (Miles)
Distance (Kilometres)
Lengthened Distance (Miles)
Shortened Distance (Miles)
  • From your parking place ride along the road to the Village War Memorial.  Turn left (GR.940293) past the side of the Triton Inn and take the unmarked road on your right (GR.938295).  Ride on past the pond and the Hall, bearing left towards the church. 
  • From the church stay on the road known as Brantingham Dale Road and ride on to a T-junction (GR.958319).  (A superb fitness test is to trot from the church all the way up the dale road to the T-junction at the top of Keeper's Cottage.) 
  • At the T-junction, turn right and continue to a crossroads.  This is a busy road so take care.  (It is best to ride along the verge against the traffic as it is wider and well-used by horses). 
  • At the crossroads turn right (GR.963318) and ride along the good grass verge, again moving against the flow of traffic and near to the hedge.  Continue on past Field House Farm and at the bottom turn left (GR.963304) along the track marked "Wolds Way".  (Please give way to walkers). 
  • After half a mile*, take the bridleway on the left (GR.972305) up a well marked track, past the farm and cottages, to come to a road.  With care, turn left and almost immediately turn right onto a bridleway.  Follow this bridleway to the pylons and bear right to the old railway line.  Here turn right (GR.996326) along another well-worn bridleway to the top of the golf course.  Turn right and follow the track round the golf course to the road. 
  • At the road (GR.998310) turn right and ride along to a bend to go through the fence on the left.  Go left again onto the bridleway, riding up the steep hill to the woods at the top.**  (This area is known as Waulby Green).  Opposite you will see Raywell House. 
  • Ride on with the woods on the right.  At the end, turn left onto the bridleway (GR.985302).  Ride to the farm cottage and then go down the drive to the tarmac road (GR.990293).  Turn right and ride for approximately 100 yards and turn right (GR.988291) again along a track which may be muddy.
  • Follow this bridleway going through the bushes to the top of the hill, and enjoy the wonderful views.  Continue riding straight on to meet a road (GR.964292).  At the road turn left.  (Please ride slowly for the next 300 yards until you have passed the riding centre).  Continue on down the hill to a road junction (GR.058277). 
  • Turn right and ride along the wide grass verge for just over one mile going over Welton High Hill.  Take the next road on the right (GR.950284) up Elloughton Dale.  Ignore the bridleway which lies straight ahead and ride on the road up Elloughton Dale and into the open at the top. 
  • When the road bears sharp right, take the grass track going left (GR.959304) which is marked Wolds Way.  This good green lane suddenly becomes tarmac and goes down a very steep hill known as Spout Hill.  Enjoy the view as you ride down the hill and back to the village.  In the village ride straight ahead, keeping the village pump and then the pond on your right.  You will soon be back at your starting point. 
  • Alternative: If you wish to take the shorte, 12-mile long ride when you reach* (GR.972305):-
  • Instead of turning left, continue to ride straight along the bottom of the valley all the way through to the road.  Do not go on to the road, but turn right up the hill to come to the woods at the top where your ride continues from ** in the main route description. 
  • This circular ride is taken from the book "Humberside on Horseback" and is included by kind permission of the British Horse Society.
Start Point
End Point
Towns & Villages
Elloughton, Swanland and Welton
Start Easting
Start Northing
End Easting
End Northing
Further Information
Features of Interest
-  Brantingham has a war memorial which was once described as "lovingly awful". 
-  Wauldby Scroggs is the place name for the bluebell wood owned and managed by the Woodland Trust. (British bluebells are of international importance as they represent 20 per cent of the world population of the flower.  It is illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to dig up the bulbs of wild bluebells.) 
Accessibility Information
This route:- 
-  contains some steep slopes. 
-  does not contain barriers. 
-  crosses at least one road. 
Additional Information
-  To shorten your ride follow the instructions marked (*). 
-  The grade only applies if you follow this route on foot.